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Fabric Manufacturer Profile: Riley Blake Designs

Riley Blake Designs is a lovely fabric manufacturer, started in 2008 by Bret and Cindy Cloward. Their fabric collections are modern and vibrant with vintage elements. The characters on their fabric are both adorable yet sophisticated, and they design beautiful sewing accessories such as buttons, ribbons and lace.

What’s more, Riley Blake Designs have a pincushion club where a new pincushion design and patterns is released every Friday. They are seriously some of the cutest pincushions I’ve ever seen.

Riley Blake Designs Pincushion Club

One of my favourite has got to be the quilted Couch Pincushion, which hangs of the arm of your settee – perfect for when I’m watching Hart of Dixie whilst pinning fabric for the baby quilt I’m making for my niece/nephew. I will have to try this project out soon.

Riley Blake Designs Couch Pincushion

Check out their website to see all of their wonderful fabrics, or visit or to purchase some!

Riley Blake Fabric Designers

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