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Quilting Fabric Online: The Best UK Online Quilt Shops

Patchwork and quilting shops are great for buying fabric designed for quilting. But if there isn’t a quilt shop near you, you should definitely consider buying quilting fabric online. Of course you can use any fabric – quilting is just sewing two or three layers of fabric together – but quilting fabric is normally 100% cotton, and using the same type of fabric in your quilt cuts down the amount of wear and tear.

Quilting shops will sell all sorts of your quilting fabric pre-cuts such as fat quarters, fat eights, honeycombs, jelly rolls, layer cakes, apple turnovers, charm packs and much more. The pre-cuts are a fantastic invention! If you buy a pack of charms for instance, you will get approximately 42 five inch squares (depending on who’s supplying them), in around 15-20 different fabrics. That’s a lot more economical than buying 15-20 fat quarters and having lots left over. And all the fabric will be from the same collection, which means it coordinates perfectly!

hurricane-backstitchIt also makes it easy to find quilting fabric manufacturers such as Moda and Riley Blake. These companies offer a wide range of fabrics with hundreds of different designs, and you can keep up to date with their latest fabric releases.

You can also buy the fabrics in bundles – I got this brilliant pack of colourful plain fabrics from Backstitch (you’ll see them in the list later). It was conveniently put together by the lovely people working there saving me the time and hassle of picking them out myself, it ensured that I got a wide range (and I didn’t forget any colours) and it was a lot cheaper than buying them all separately.

The prices will range from site to site. Be sure to factor in postage though! You can often get a discount the more fabric you buy, and some stores offer free postage if you spend over a certain amount.

Here’s my list of UK online quilt shops for all your fabricy needs (If you’ve got any more to add, leave a comment below).

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Can I add Eternal Maker, Village Haberdashery, Celtic Fusion Fabrics, Fabric Rehab, Sew Hot, Pin It and Stitch, Pretty Fabrics and Trims, Brighton Sewing Centre, Quilty Pleasures, Frumble to your list of online shops based in the UK?

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