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Standard Quilt Sizes

There isn’t really any “standard” quilt sizes as they are so flexible and can be sewn for any situation but I’ve put together some guidelines so you know where to start. If you’re going to make a quilt for something specific it’s always best to measure it first!

If you want to know about quilt sizes for beds click here (there’s lots of pretty pictures) but for everything else keep on reading!

Table quilt sizes
  • Placemats are usually 11″-12″ by 15″-18″
  • Napkins are usually 16″ by 16″, 18″ by 18″, 20″ by 20″, or 21″ by 21″.
  • Square table toppers are usually 36″ by 36″
  • Table runners are usually 12″-18″ wide by 40″-72″ (depending on how long your table is)
Baby quilt sizes
  • Crib quilts are usually 36″ by 54″
  • Cot quilts are usually 28″ by 52″
  • Baby quilts are usually 36″ by 36″
Miniature quilt sizes
  • The maximum block size is often 4″ square, and the maximum quilt size is often 24″
  • In Quilters’ Guild competitions the rule is usually that it must be able to be covered up with a piece of A4 paper (8 5/16″ by 11 11/16″)
Lap quilt sizes
  • Lap quilts are usually between 36″-38″ by 47″-48″ if rectangular
  • Wheelchair lap quilts are usually 36″ by 36″
  • Couch quilts are usually between 50″-52″ by 72″-78″ can turn them sideways for more than one lap, or lay down and completely cover up, from head to toe )
Quilted pilowcase sizes
  • Standard UK pillowcases are usually 19½″ by 25½″ (50cm x 75 cm) and are known as housewife (or envelope) pillowcases, which have a flap in the open end to tuck the pillowcase in.
  • John Lewis pillows differ slightly at 74cm x 48cm
  • IKEA pillow cases are slightly longer, 19½″ x 31½″ (50 x 80 cm)
  • IKEA square pillows are 65cm x 65cm
  • John Lewis baby pillows are 58cm x 37cm
  • Continental pillowcases are usually 16″ by 16″
Dolls house quilts

Depends if single or double bed.

  • If single, roughly 4¼″x 6″
  • If double, roughly 5¼″ x 5½″

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