Posted by Liz on July 18th, 2013 (News)

Festival Of Quilt Tickets

Guess what arrived? Two shiny tickets for the Festival of Quilts 2013.


What am I looking forward to?

  • The fantastic folky music we’ll listen to on the way to the Birmingham NEC
  • Showing my lovely friend Nicole all about patchwork and quilting (and hopefully persuading her to try it out)
  • Seeing over 1000 quilts
  • Perhaps buying a smaller quilting ruler
  • Getting inspiration for my next quilt
  • Meeting some more smiley people from the Quilters’ Guild Of The British Isles (and entering the raffle of course)
  • Looking at the art quilts (which I’m completely in awe of)
  • Looking at the miniature quilts (and getting some inspiration to do one of my own)
  • Picking my favourite quilt of the show (always a difficulty)

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