Posted by Liz on February 2nd, 2013 (Projects)

Fabric Book Cover

Lily from Lily’s quilts, asked what we’d been working on over the last month. It’s been quite a quiet January on the quilt front for me after an extremely busy time at the end of last year trying to finish a baby quilt in time for my nephew being born in October, and a bird quilt in time to give my Mum for Christmas.

However, I recently bought a journal from John Lewis after my boss, Mark, recommended that we all start journalling every morning. So, for the past week, whilst eating my breakfast (Aldi’s Chocolate Crunch in case you’re wondering) I’ve written down what I did the day before, what I’m doing today, and what I want to achieve by the end of the day. I don’t write more than a page, but I’ve ended up having the most productive week at work!

And what do you need when you’ve got a journal – a quilted journal cover of course. I’ve picked out my fabrics, and have got the design in my head… so watch this space for more progress.
Fabric for my book cover

What are you working on?

Lily's Quilts

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