Posted by Liz on July 20th, 2012 (Projects)

Sofa Arm Pincushion

Every Friday, someone designs a new pincushion and posts it on the Riley Blake website; and every Friday I find a new pincushion that I want to make. I found it really hard to choose just one pincushion, but I chose the couch pincushion which sits on the arm of your sofa – what a genius idea! The pincushion is designed by Bree McElroy, and I got the instructions from the Riley Blake website.

I thought that I would buy some Riley Blake fabric to complete my pincushion, as the fabric is so colourful and makes me smile. In the end I chose the Fox Trails charm pack for the mini patchwork squares, and fat quarter of the main Fox Trails fabric on green for the base, from the Prints To Polka Dots shop.

I cut some of the charms into quarters so that they were 2½ inch squares, and with the ¼ inch seam allowance, they ended up at 2 inches each. (This was a slight alteration to the instructions but using charms meant that I could have lots of different fabric squares without having to buy lots of fat quarters!)

Riley Blake pincushion by Liz Delves

The other bit of the pattern that I tweaked, was tying four knots on the intersections of the quilted pincushion. This makes it lie flatter, and it looks a lot neater now I’ve added them.

It sits really well on the arm of the sofa, and I can happily watch Hart of Dixie whilst pinning fabric for my baby quilt. Luckily, I’ve found that I now need a pincushion to put on the table by my sewing machine, so I’ll have to pick another one to make. After that, I guess everyone will be getting pincushions for Christmas and Birthdays.

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