Posted by Liz on February 7th, 2013 (Projects)

Tool Roll For My Husband

My husband Pete wanted me to make a tool roll for him to store his spanners. I thought this would be fun to make, because all the spanners have numbers, each indicating a different size.

I designed the tool roll as I went along. I used a kilt buckle as a fastener for the flap, and an old belt to tie it up.

Sewing the tool roll

Pete likes bright colours (he said he didn’t want a boring brown one) so I used some red fabric, and some orange and blue fabric from Ikea. I put wadding through the layers and then quilted it in strips lengthways.

Sewing the tool roll

And then I added some fabric to the top and sewed so that each spanner has a pocket of its own.

Sewing the tool roll

It’s useful, portable, and it means that when Pete’s doing a job, he knows if he’s left a spanner out!

Sewing the tool roll

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  1. Auntie Marion says:

    I love the spanner-roll! I bet Pete is delighted. x

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